JIORA Kirsten und Kathrin

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Self-love is our thing. We’re really in to it. We think you should be too.


I am a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, Human Design Reader, Creative Entrepreneur, passionate Free Diver and mother of 2 young boys. A multi-passionate doer, I am fascinated by the depth of life and am insatiable in my desire to improve the world around me.

Human Design has helped me recognize and heal old wounds and patterns. Its profound effect on my life and relationships has made this tool foundational for all the work that I do.

After many years of experimenting with different yoga styles, I discovered Kundalini Yoga three years ago and immediately knew I had come home to a practice that my soul had been searching for. This powerful combination of movement, meditation, mantra and pranayama helps me heal my nervous system, align my energetics and expand into greater consciousness and creativity.

All of what is essential to live a life from my deepest and truest self. It was clear to me that I needed to share this powerful tool with the Collective. In a world focused on outer beauty and wealth, Kundalini Yoga was like nothing I had ever tried before and quickly became my primary resource to help me stay internally balanced and connected to the Divine.

JIORA Kirsten und Kathrin
Kathrin and Kirsten


I am an LA native and mother of three teenagers, now living my best life in Vienna, Austria. My holistic approach to wellbeing is based on personal experience. Years of mysterious autoimmune symptoms and difficult family dynamics forced me to take responsibility for my physical and emotional health. This made me a passionate advocate and teacher of how self awareness and self acceptance are key to nourishing all aspects of a person’s being-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Although healthy eating habits are a crucial foundation for wellbeing and a big part of my work, I am convinced that all aspects of our being need proper nutrition, not just our physical form. The transformation of my body and the health of my relationships are living proof of the power self understanding has to restore vitality and joy.

As a holistic health coach, I love to share the tools that help me. Human Design and the Gene Keys showed me how to access the truth I was looking for in my auric field. Seeing proof of my innate perfection and the beauty of my mechanics put my nervous system at ease. This gave me the sense of safety I needed to activate my body’s healing capabilities and create a life that feels right for me.

JIORA Kirsten und Kathrin

Our work together is based on electromagnetic connection. We are both driven and fueled by two powerful motors. Bringing people together and building networks are intrinsic elements of our personalities. Our combined strength is cultivating community and sharing ideas and inspiration for optimization.


Let’s get to know each other!

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