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The Network

Connection is a fundamental human need. That’s why we built an online platform to bring us together as we each strive for greater awareness and love. Lasting results are not achieved in isolation. It’s through the power of community, not just content. This is where we can learn from each other, navigate our struggles and celebrate one another to create magic.

JIORA - The Network

JIORA Network

Are you curious about what Human Design can do for you? Are you are looking to improve your relationships and health, align with your purpose and create more ease in your daily life? THEN JIORA Network is the right place for you! It is a place where you can find curated information and inspiration from some of the most qualified sources of knowledge and wisdom in the Human Design system as well many other holistic practitioners. This is where you can ask your questions, share your challenges and dive deeper.

Ready to dip your toes in? Your first month of membership is always free to give you the chance to get to know us and experience the benefits of learning and growing in a vibrant community.  

Because together we are stronger and brighter!

ORA Exchange

An Ora Exchange is a live event that is open to all those interested in learning more about Human Design. Imagine a sophisticated setting where you can meet other people also looking for more authenticity and connection. Register in advance with your astrological information and we’ll send you your chart, so that you can jump right in with questions and find out how others live their design. We look forward to personally introducing you to our JIORA Network. 

Jiora Network Ora Exchange
JIORA Ora Readings

Ora Escape

Ora Escape with us! Imagine a retreat customized for you based on your specific energetic make-up. You are warmly invited to join us in an intimate and luxurious setting where we will practice, exchange and support one another using and experiencing all our favorite JIORA tools.

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Jiora ocean

“My sessions with Jiora have been life-changing. The revolution of unlearning, leaning into who I am and what that means, has been and continues to be our work together. There is a magic, energy and power in living into who you are and trusting your knowing.”

K.G. (emotional generator)

JIORA Kirsten