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Our unique approach is based on Human Design to provide personalized tools for transformation. Human Design is not a quick fix or new esoteric trend, it is science. The correct information can literally change your life for the better. Our greatest priority is to provide you access to accurate information from Human Design experts with decades of practical experience with the system and a personal connection to its founder, Ra Uru Hu.

Ways to work with JIORA:

Jiora Reading your aura

ORA Reading

Ora Readings cover the basic workings of your energetic makeup: the best strategy for aligning with your power and purpose, how to identify and make decisions with your inner authority as well as how to best manage your energy flow for optimal emotional, mental & physical health.

ORA Reading: 245 Euro

Deep Dive Mentoring

Our 6 Month Mentorship Program will show you how to take your Human Design information and turn it into profound insight and lasting change. It’s not hard work, but rather a commitment to a loving friendship with yourself. Your ORA Reading is just the beginning. Your 1:1 bi-monthly sessions will show you how to turn knowledge into know-how. If you are looking to address chronic issues on the mental, emotional or physical plane then this highly personalized coaching based on your Human Design is the support you are looking for. 

Deep dive

Going deeper together we explore…

Health & Digestion

Getting mixed messages from your body? Confused about how to access true physical vitality or heal your relationship with food? Then let’s talk more about what your body really needs and how you can experiment with this information.


Not sure where to start when it comes to fitness and physical wellbeing? We feel at home in our bodies when it feels like a safe place to be. Your body is one of a kind. Let us show you the best and most natural way for you to move.

Sexuality & Communication

Let’s talk about sex! So fascinating and such a relief to see our deepest desires and physical urges visually mapped out and explained in such clear terms. Understanding our basic mechanics gives us the language to communicate our fundamental need for connection.

Career & Purpose

Understanding your unique talents and motivation when it comes to work and career provides wonderful clarity and validation to decide how to spend your life force energy. This empowers you to choose how you want to shine and show up in the world.

It’s time to get this party started!

“Seit meiner ersten Human Design Session bei Jiora weiss ich, dass ICH zähle und nur wenn ICH glücklich bin, ich auch andere glücklich machen kann. Ich bin fokussiert auf das was mir gut tut, meine Wünsche in die Realität umzusetzen, denn wenn ich an mich glaube, kann ich ALLES schaffen!!”

J.Z. (self-projected projector)

All Readings can be held in German or English via Zoom. Sessions are recorded and sent by email. 5 Euros from each session are donated to our JI Fund to support marine life conservation.

Readings are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical or therapeutic advice.

It is our commitment to always share this information with practical applications in mind. Showing you how you can live your true design is the primary goal of our work together.