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The Tools

Human Design is the foundation of our work. It is a system that synthesizes principles of the I Ching with Genetics, Western Astrology with Astronomy, Kabbalah with Quantum Physics and the Chakra System with the Biology of the Body. Each BodyGraph is calculated based on a person’s birth date, time and place and visually maps out their unique energetic blueprint. Seeing the mechanics creating your life experience and relationship dynamics provides the necessary context and understanding to make decisions according to your true nature.

It is our mission to show you how to use this knowledge to curate and customize a holistic toolkit that honors your individuality and is right for you.

Our key essentials are…

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a time tested technology that combines movement, meditation, mantras and pranayama to boost vitality, release energetic blocks, regulate the nervous system, balance hormones and uplift the spirit. This results in pure authentic radiance, greater consciousness and creativity as well as physical and mental strength.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are complex substances distilled from a variety of plants, fruits and flowers for their supportive and healing properties. Unlike pharmaceuticals, natural essential oils do not leave toxic residues in the body. With skill they can provide powerful nourishment and assistance to all aspects of our being via the central nervous system.

Essential Oils

The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are an additional tool that builds upon the Human Design framework. They provide vital understanding of the spectrum of consciousness by clarifying the three frequency bands of our life themes. Being able to recognize and embrace the fear, releases its inherent gift and ultimately connects us to universal love. This perspective empowers us to become aware of when we are living in a particular fear frequency, so that we can choose to give ourselves the attention and love we need to shift out of a victim state into a more loving and empowered way of being.

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“Durch die Arbeit mit Jiora konnte ich das erste Mal in meinem Leben erkennen, das ich wertvoll und gut bin, so wie ich grade bin. Ich nichts ändern muss um geliebt und schön zu sein.”

K.P. (pure generator)